update on Tractor Repair

After 4 Classes on Diesel repair We have completed the replacement of the Burned out clutch on the Kubota Tractor. It is out of the Garage and a local crane was summoned to return the cab to its place on the Frame. The wiring Harness and fuel and hydraulic hoses will be connected this week. All the Veterans and Volunteers that assisted look forward to its use after several weeks of miserable weather during the repairs.

Updates on the Farm

Great News ,we Acquired the use of a Kabota tractor,if we Repair it. We have had 3 Diesel Repair classes so far. The Clutch is Out, a new one  ordered and will be put in this weekend.. The next classes will be on a Massey Ferguson Tractor Hydraulic Pump Repair , and then a Bulldozer repair. Very exciting to learn how it is done. A Master tractor mechanic is showing us how it is done.  

The Farm,and Animals ,

Major Changes , in the last few weeks I have looked on how I can "Cut Back " on my chores..With as many as 60 to 70 animals,,,,, I Traded , and Sold and Swapped 30 hogs. work today ,(was like a Day off compared to weeks ago). I moved 5 bred sows off the farm. As well as 25 piglets,some 40+ lbs.. Also this weekend we had an Open House , and sold New Pork Products we recently produced. Christmas wreaths and Garlands ....Several new customers were eager to see our New Scottish Highlanders .When this weather breaks I will make a Video.and Post it..Thank you Bruce

Good Evening Sports Fans ,,,,December updates ..

Our tenant WB has Transitioned to a Medical Facility Locally , they have thanked us here at Fowler's for our Care and WB will be Transitioning to a assisted care home ( am assured) with funding for the Rest of his life.  Being our First Transition, we are very pleased with this success. Thank you our friends and families and  Veterans for all their help ,Physical , and Financial ,and their Visits to the Farm and WB.

Win a Kid's Christmas Wish. A new electric minibike!

We are raffling a new Razor MX250 electric minibike. https://www.razor.com/products/dirt/mx350/    The winning ticket will be drawn on December 15th. The bike can have a rider up to 140 pounds and goes 14 miles per hour. It will be delivered anywhere in Vermont. Tickets are $5.00 each; you can pay by Paypal (see Donate) here on our website and we can e-mail you a copy of your ticket. Only 250 tickets will be sold. Help us keep the home fires burning. And of course keep us on your Giving Tuesday list as well. We are a 501(c)3 corporation.